Ringvide studio & produktion

Ringvide is a new Swedish company based on the island of Gotland. Ringvide designs and produces furniture and products for home and office use. Ringvide was started by designer Lukas Dahlén together with his wife Leila Abd. Lukas has worked as a product designer and architect for several years and received his training and degree at the University College of Arts in Stockholm.

our goal

Our goal is to create products with high integrity and an expressive visual language that leans against a combination of traditional craftsmanship and new technologies. Nordic form is characterized by simplicity and functionality, which are important values ​​to us. We want to give our version of Nordic form with a vivid expression.


We participate in efforts to promote sustainable development through for example the choice of materials and finishing as well as trying to keep the production on a local level. We try to place as much as possible of the production within the borders of Sweden and foremost here on Gotland, where we live and work. This is important to us since we want to keep the transport short and keep a close relation to our products’ skilled craftsmen and encourage rural livelihoods and industry.


From an ecological perspective a long lasting product is the most durable product. Therefore, our aim is to create products of high material, functional and aesthetic quality. We want to use materials that age beautifully with the hope that our products will live for generations.


We have chosen to move from Stockholm to Lukas birthplace Gotland to begin a new life with other values. Gotland offers closeness to the sea and magnificent scenery, a living countryside with a large number of skilled craftsmen and creative entrepreneurship in various forms. Here we can find peace and inspiration combined with a close relationship with our manufacturing companies and thus also contribute to the development of Gotland.

Lukas Dahlen & Leila Abd

Lukas Dahlén & Leila Abd Alwaheb


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